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1. Environment around Itami High School

Itami high school has a lot of greenery which makes Itami High School an unusual school. There are many factories around the high school. However, thanks to a lot of trees on the premises, the view of Itami high school is very beautiful.

Our high school is adjacent to District Headquarters of Self-Defense Force. It is mainly for the defense of the land.They provide international cooperation for the disaster relief, dispatch personnel for reconstitution support, and assist with peacekeeping. It is rare in all of Japan.

Environment around Itami High School

The School Grounds are Lush with Cherry Blossoms (1)

The School Grounds are Lush with Cherry Blossoms (2)

There is a SDF base next to the School

There is a SDF base next to the School [ taken by the SDF Gate ]

2. Itami High School is near the airport

Osaka International Airport lies astride Toyonaka, Ikeda, and Itami city. Therefore, it’s called also Itami Airport. From there to our school is about 4.5 km, and it takes 15 minutes by Itami city bus, and 8 minutes by car.

3. Students can go to school with personal wear

Many schools in Japan have to go to school with school uniforms every day. However, we can go to school in plain clothes. This is very rare in Japanese schools. Some athletic club students wear club team shirts and training the shirts, and some girls arrange uniforms by changing bow ties or skirts. Of course, each students has the Itami High School uniform for special occasions. We must wear our uniforms at ceremonies and at guest lectures.

Official Itami High School Uniform

Personal Wear

4. History of Itami High School

Itami Junior High School

1902 Opened as the first prefectural junior high school in the Osaka and Hanshin areas; between Kobe and Osaka In Hyogo Prefecture

1911 Emperor Taisho and Major Nogi visited the school.

1949 The 44th, and final, graduation ceremony

Itami Woman’s High School

1921 Opened as Kawabe County High School

1922 Hyogo Prefectural Itami High School

1949 The 24th, and final, graduation ceremony


Itami High School

1948 Integration of the above two schools. Established as a new coeducational high school

1952 50th anniversary ceremony

1964 Inagawa branch school establishment

1972 Implementation of clothing liberalization

1975 Inagawa branch School is Closed. Prefectural Inagawa High School Opens

1994 New Zealand Language Training Starts (until 1997)

1999 Interaction with the Marunda School of Australia

2001 100th anniversary hall (Ryokuso memorial hall) was built

2002 Centennial celebration

2011 Became a sister school to Baruch College Campus High School

2013 Became a sister school to Taichung Second Senior High School

2014 Glocal Leaders in Science (GLiS) special class installation

2015 Super Global High School (SGH) designation (until 2020)

Monument to the Visit of Empire Taisho and Major Nogi to Itami High School

SGH Flag