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Tales of Fukutomi


The collections Fukutomi Zoshi (A Version / B Version) are both tales of an old man who is successful through the art of farting and another old man who tries to copy this and fails. However, the schools differ greatly between A version and B version.
A version is of a school (one-volume book) that is characterized into a fairy-tale book for commoners, and is a work that dates back to the oldest era for such a school, around the end of the 16th century (from the end of the Muromachi Period to the beginning of the Edo Period). In addition to the dynamic drawings, the lively descriptive narrative adds charm.
B version is a manuscript from the latter part of the Edo Period, and is based on an ancient school (two-volume book) that is speculated to have been established before the mid-15th century (at the beginning of the Muromachi Period). It is characterized by the story progressing through detailed speeches by the characters (writing in the drawings).





You can view further high-resolution digital images for each picture scroll, where you can scroll over the image freely.
The text in the drawings can be displayed in four different levels: as-is in cursive form (photographic reproduction), transcribed into block type (reprint), easily-readable prose (interpreted text), and translated into modern language.


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An index where you can search the pictorial scenes using the names of motifs drawn in the picture scrolls. You can also view and compare a list of the drawings for each motif.
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