Explanations of Works
Shuten-doji Emaki Funpon (Picture Scroll Sketch of Shuten-doji)

This is a picture scroll that illustrates the introductory part of “Shuten-doji.” It depicts scenes from when Ikeda Chunagon , who is vice-councilor of state whose daughter was kidnapped by Shuten-doji, summons the onmyoji (fortune-teller) Abe no Seimei and is told his fortune, to when Minamoto no Yorimitsu, who is facing a punitive expedition, and the Four Devas visit the shrines of Iwashimizu, Sumiyoshi and Kumano. This work is thought to be a copy from the latter part of the Edo Period of a painting example that was handed down to the Kano school.

Folding Screen of Shuten-doji

A folding screen that illustrates the first half of the story of “Shuten-doji,” and based on the painting style, it is thought to have been produced based on the Kano school of the early modern era. In addition to each of the scenes that can be seen in “Shuten-doji Emaki Funpon” (Shuten-Doji Picture Scroll Sketch), this folding screen contains scenes up to the meetings with Shuten-doji. We recognize a design where the imperial palace and the shrines visited are depicted in the upper part of the screen, and the dwelling of Shuten-doji is illustrated in the bottom half.

Picture Book of Mount Oe

This is an illustrated picture book by Kitao Masayoshi printed in a variety of colors that was published during the mid-Edo Period. The binding is dual-leaved printing of papers of small size, smaller than hanshibon (half-book) format. Thick paper that has been dyed yellow is used for the front and back covers, and pine branches are printed faintly in a yellowish-green color.

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