Hyogo Prefectural
Kakogawa Higashi High School
Designated a Japan Science and Technology Agency   "Super Science High School"

232-2 Awazu, Kakogawachou, Kakogawashi, Hyogo, 675-0039 Japan
Tel +81-79-424-2726 / Fax +81-79-424-5777

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【 A Message from the Principal 】
I was transferred to Hyogo Prefectural Kakogawa Higashi Senior High School and became its principal on April 1st, 2014. It was a great honor to be put in the position to take charge of such a prestigious school – one which has built and maintained proud traditions since its founding 90 years ago.

The goals of educators have always been to improve the ability and personality of each and every student, to strengthen and refine their character, and to do so while taking into account both the demands of the times as well as social changes. Likewise, a society itself must foster promising young people who, as citizens, can both fully participate in society and contribute to its development.

Our school motto is “Creative Autonomy, Cheerful Fellowship.” The spirit of fellowship compels me to advance the progress of my predecessors. The spirit of autonomy puts me in a position to create and expand educational activities which encourage collaboration and nurture a code of conduct which can bring vitality to our school. Thanks to the nearly 30,000 Kakogawa Higashi Senior High School Alumni distinguishing themselves in various fields throughout Japan and the world, our school enjoys a sterling reputation. I truly believe that our present student body understands this and is striving to live up to the high expectations such a reputation creates.

We will continue to make every effort to earn and keep the trust of the community. Furthermore, we kindly ask those who live or work near Kakogawa Higashi SHS for your patience, support, and understanding as we conduct our educational activities.

Mr. Sunao Yasumoto

" Nurturing an academic environment to train the leaders of tomorrow with
smiling faces and shining school spirit  "