Hyogo Prefectural
Kakogawa Higashi High School
Designated a Japan Science and Technology Agency   "Super Science High School"

232-2 Awazu, Kakogawachou, Kakogawashi, Hyogo, 675-0039 Japan
Tel +81-79-424-2726 / Fax +81-79-424-5777

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【 A Message from the Principal 】
Our civilization and world economy have entered a period of transformation. Globalization, a falling birthrate, an aging population, and the rapid development of AI are creating situations that challenge our existing theories and values. In particular, many of the jobs that have traditionally been done by humans are becoming increasingly automated, and some say that about half of the jobs that exist today will be gone within the next two decades.

In light of this situation, education is evolving and the university entrance examination system is undergoing substantial reform as a part of this progress. We must prepare our students to better balance the “Three Elements of Academic Ability” - knowledge and skill; thinking, judgment, and expression; and the attitude to tackle learning subjectively. They must be able to collaborate with their colleagues to take on challenges and problems that cannot be solved by using existing knowledge alone. In other words, they must not only solve problems whose answers have been decided beforehand, like a jigsaw puzzle, but they must also have the ability and conviction to create solutions to complex problems that have no correct answers or to which the answers are unknown. Rather than simply assembling jigsaw puzzles, they must work creatively - as if building with Legos.

At Kakogawa Higashi SHS, our students do research and find answers through the Super Science High School (SSH) program and other personal research projects based on our school motto: “Creative Autonomy. Cheerful Fellowship.” In addition, we promote active learning in every subject to ensure that our students’ educations are robust and profound.

Through our educational activities, we strive to foster talented students who will become responsible members of our future society. We ask for your support and understanding as we continue to endeavor to become a school which is loved and trusted by everyone in the community.

Katsumi Kominami
31st Principal

" Nurturing an academic environment to train the leaders of tomorrow with
smiling faces and shining school spirit  "