Hyogo Prefectural
Kakogawa Higashi High School
Designated a Japan Science and Technology Agency   "Super Science High School"

232-2 Awazu, Kakogawachou, Kakogawashi, Hyogo, 675-0039 Japan
Tel +81-79-424-2726 / Fax +81-79-424-5777

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【 Educational Goals 】

Harmonize intellectual training, moral growth, and physical education based on the school motto: "Creative Autonomy, Cheerful Fellowship”.

Foster and promote the development of a new generation with rich hearts, a zest for living, and the ability to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Enhance independent learning and work toward the self-realization and personal growth of each student.

【School Motto】
1.Creative Autonomy
Promote truth and eliminate evil. Nourish the spirit of autonomy, act justly, and accept personal responsibility. Keep a scientific attitude at all times.

Hone your creative abilities. Make progress. Foster a new culture built on the advancements of your predecessors.

2.Cheerful Fellowship
Cheerfulness is a manifestation of the pure and innocent mind. It is tolerance and forgiveness.

Fellowship is love. It is cooperation. It is peace. Build a bright school environment through this spirit.

Strengthening the whole while building the self, we strive to establish a healthy school spirit.

School Motto

" Nurturing an academic environment to train the leaders of tomorrow with
smiling faces and shining school spirit  "