Hyogo Prefectural
Kakogawa Higashi High School
Designated a Japan Science and Technology Agency   "Super Science High School"

232-2 Awazu, Kakogawachou, Kakogawashi, Hyogo, 675-0039 Japan
Tel +81-79-424-2726 / Fax +81-79-424-5777

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 School History
1924(T13) Feb.9 Kakogawachugakkou Founded.(enrollment:750)

Former flag & school
1948(S23) Apr.1 School name changed to Kakogawahigashikoukou.(Japan school education act change)

Present flag & school
1986(S61) Apr.1 Introduction of Science & Math course.
2003(H15) Apr.1 Introduction of General Science course.
2006(H18) Apr.3 Designated a Japan Science and Technology Agency "Super Science High School"
2010(H22) Apr.1 General Science course changed to Intensive Science & Math course.
2012(H24) Apr.1  Japan Science and Technology Agency "Super Science High School"(status renewed)
2014(H26)   The 90th anniversary of school foundation.
2017(H29) Apr.1  Japan Science and Technology Agency "Super Science High School"(status renewed)
※T=Taisho S=Showa H=Heisei

Administrators 2019
Principal Mr.Kiyose Yoshiyuki
Vice Principal Mr.Kojin Shigenori
Office Manager Mr.Muguruma Shinkichi

Total Enrollment 2019
year 1st year 2nd year 3rd year
boys 146 159 180
girls 174 161 175
total 320 320 355
classes 8
(1 class Science & Math)
(1 class Science & Math)
(1 class Science & Math)
staff  about 90

Courses of Study
Science & Math Course
General Course
※SSH program applies both to courses.

933 acres

classrooms pool gymnasium athletic field tennis courts cafeteria alumni building clubrooms student multi purpose room library
laboratories: chemistry, earth science, natural, philosophy, biology, home economics, music

Club Activities
Athletics Culture Other Student Council Pep Squad
12 22 1 1 1

" Nurturing an academic environment to train the leaders of tomorrow with
smiling faces and shining school spirit  "