Explanations of Works
Commoners’ story
Fukutomi Zoshi(Tale of Fukutomi)
Fukutomi Zoshi 1 (Tales of Fukutomi 1)

This is a story of an old man named Takamuko no Hidetake who lived near Rakuchu Shichijo (Kyoto) and gained social success through his art of farting, and of his neighbor Fukutomi Oribe, who tries to imitate him but fails. As an otogi zoshi that uses commoners’ episodes as the main topic, Fukutomi Zoshi was produced in the latter part of the Muromachi period. This work is a single-volume scroll that focuses on the latter part of the story, and is an example of the oldest existing scroll among those that have been handed down.

Fukutomi Zoshi 2 (Tales of Fukutomi 2)

This work is thought to be produced by an artist of the Tosa school at the end of the Edo Period. Although it features comical topics in the lives of common people, there are some interesting aspects, like a story that was sought after among people of high status, such as the imperial family and aristocracy.

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