Explanations of Works
Story of non-humans
Nezumi no Yomeiri(Mouse’s Marriage)
Nezumi no Yomeiri (Mouse’s Marriage)

The work depicts an adolescent boy and girl mouse who had an arranged marriage, were blessed with children, and strived to save money, personifying them by likening them to the customs of human beings. This is an illustrated and written work of multicolored printing on a woodblock that was produced in the latter part of the Edo Period.

Engraving of Picture Book: Nezumi no Yomeiri (Mouse’s Marriage)

An engraving of the picture book “Mouse’s Marriage.” As there is still India ink remaining on the entire surface, one can tell that this engraving was actually used. In this engraving, the son of a mouse is having a marriage meeting at a teahouse, after which we can see the exchange of betrothal gifts, marriage, and a private wedding. Throughout the Edo Period, many works on “marriage” using the motif of mice and other animals were produced.

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