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What’s On Calender
Information on 2017's events.
To check the calendars of upcoming events, click on the month on your left.

●What’s On Calender
Please note that the events with are implemented outside of Museum!
April16thSun.The History Museum Club
22ndSat.Special Exhibition Beautiful Buddha Statues of Hyogo Opening
25thTue.History of Yourself
May21stSun.History Museum Academy
28thSun.The History Museum Club
30thTue.History of Yourself
June3rdSat.History Lecture Series
4thSun.Special Exhibition Beautiful Buddha Statues of Hyogo Closing
8thThu.Tomonokai Study tour
10thSat.History Lecture Series
11thSun.Regional lecture
17thSat.History Lecture Series
18thSun.History Museum Academy
25thSun.The History Museum Club
27thTue.History of Yourself
July2ndSun.History Lecture
15thSat.Special Project Exhibition Rekihaku Treasure Box Opening
23rdSun.The History Museum Club
25thTue.History of Yourself
29thSat.Iki-iki Trial(Hands-on craft workshops)
30thSun.History Museum Academy
August6thSun.History Museum Academy
8thTue.Teacher seminar
19thSat.Iki-iki Trial(Hands-on craft workshops)
27thSun.The History Museum Club
29thTue.History of Yourself
September10thSun.Special Project Exhibition Rekihaku Treasure Box Closing
Regional lecture
17thSun.History Lecture
24thSun.The History Museum Club
26thTue.History of Yourself
30thSat.Iki-iki Trial(Hands-on craft workshops)
October7thSat.Special Exhibition Hyogo and Hideyoshi Opening
18thWed.Tomonokai Study tour
22ndSun.History Lecture
27thFri.Travel to the History
29thSun.The History Museum Club
31stTue.History of Yourself
November11thSat.History Lecture Series
18thSat.History Lecture Series
19thSun.Historical site walk
23thThu.History Museum Academy
25thSat.History Lecture Series
26thSun.Special Exhibition Hyogo and Hideyoshi Closing
The History Museum Club
December1stFri.Travel to the History
3rdSun.Regional lecture
10thSun.The History Museum Club
11thMon.Temporary Closing (For Maintenance)
29th~Fri.~Closed for Year End and New Year
January~3rd~Wed.Closed for Year End and New Year
14thSun.History Museum Academy
27thSat.Special Project Exhibition Joy of Magazine Appendix Opening
28thSun.The History Museum Club
February18thSun.History Lecture
The History Museum Club
March10thSat.History Lecture Series
17thSat.History Lecture Series
18thSun.History Museum Academy
24thSat.History Lecture Series
25thSun.Special Project Exhibition Joy of Magazine Appendix Closing
The History Museum Club
Please refer to Japanese pages for more details on events and classes.

 ■ How to apply for each event:

-There are two ways in which you can book: By “Reservation” and “Booking at the door”
-You will not be charged for the events with no charge details.
-The events which need “Booking at the door” are on a first-come-first-served basis.
- We start accepting your reservation for the events which need a reservation from a month
before the event open day and the deadline for reservation acceptance is 2 weeks before the event starts.
To make a reservation, send a reply-paid postal card outlining these 6 details -
    1. The name of the event
    2. Your Address
    3. Your Name
    4. Your Age
    5. Your Contact number and
    6. If you belong to the member of the friendship society, your membership number.
-The participants are chosen by a lottery in case of over-applicants.
  The detail of a lottery will be announced to all applicants.