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Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Nagata High School and thank you for visiting our website.

Nagata High School has built an outstanding reputation since its foundation in 1920. Our tradition of student excellence in academic, sporting and cultural fields is unrivaled in the district, prominent in the national public system and competes against the country’s leading private schools.

Almost all of our students are accepted by the best national universities and then go on to leading professional positions. In pursuing their goals our students share the same learning journey undertaken by our renowned alumni and go on to become leaders in their chosen field and in the community.

The founding philosophy of Nagata High School is the “integrated development of personal wisdom, virtue, and body”. With this in mind we encourage our students to do their best in their studies, club activities, and school events to ultimately foster an attitude of self-discipline and self-guidance within them.

While these traditions are still respected, we are now entering a new phase in our history. Times are changing and here at Nagata High School we aim to prepare our students to thrive in an increasingly uncertain world. Responding to the needs of the community, changes of the educational environment and social construction, we implemented a new course in 2013 in order to prepare our students to take a leading role in this globalized society. The “course for inquiry-based learning in science and humanities” focuses on developing communication and presentation skills underpinned by research methodologies and critical thinking. To attain this goal, researchers and professors are invited to the school to give lectures and students visit universities and research laboratories. We believe that with the advancement of this course, backed by our founding philosophy, we can reach our 100th anniversary with confidence.

We appreciate all of your support in the undertaking of our new challenge.

Summary of School History

1921 Was established as Hyogo Prefectural No.3 Kobe Middle School.
1948 Became Hyogo Prefectural Nagata High School, in accordance with postwar reform of educational systems.
1996 The construction of the present school buildings was completed.
2010 The 90th anniversary ceremony took place.

Student Body

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade each contain approximately 320 students, making the school’s total student body roughly 960.

School Structure

Administrative/Managerial Staff
 ・Principal NAKAMURA Shohei (Mr.)
 ・Vice Principal OKADA Kazutoshi (Mr.)
YOKOTA Shigeru (Mr.)
 ・Clerical Supervisor WAKABAYASHI Yoko (Ms.)

Teaching Staff (51)

・Japanese Department8 full time staff
・Social Studies Department7 full time staff
・Mathematics Department10 full time staff
・Science Department8 full time staff
・P. E. Department7 full time staff
・Music1full time staff
・Home Economics Department1 full time staff
・English Department9 full time staff and an ALT (Assistant language teacher)

・School Nurses2
・Clerical staff4


・School Property55,335.52 m²
(School buildings 25,859.52 m², playground 29,476.00 m²)
・4-story Main building12,492.11 m²
・2-story Gymnasium3,005.37 m²
・Shinbu Alumni Association Building171.88 m²
・Club Building434.52 m²
・Outdoor Swimming Pool


The total number of graduates (as of March 2019) 33,963
 Kobe No.3 School ( Male 4,799 Female 0 )
 Nagata High School ( Male 17,512 Female 11,652 )

The Shinbu Kyoiku (School Philosophy)

Those who are admitted to Nagata High School receive an initiation booklet written by our founding principal, Mr. KONDO Hideya, as a guideline for their behavior at the school. Below is a short excerpt, which represents our fundamental philosophy and principles.

All students are expected to develop their own integrated personal wisdom, virtue and body. Heaven never creates useless humans, rather it bestows each individual with their own unique and precious gift. So students are obligated to develop their talents and explore their professional possibilities.
Through learning, try to understand yourselves, humanity, and nature, and then in the end, you will find yourself guided through to the point where how you should live is self-evident.

Ad astra

Upon completion of their three years of studies at Nagata, all graduates are given a commemorative medal by the Shinbukai,, the school alumni association. The medal, with its unique symbolic pole star design, bears an excerpt from the Latin maxim, ‘Per aspera ad astra’ which means ‘to overcome difficulties to attain glory’. ‘Ad astra’, ‘to the stars’ in Latin, impresses on our students the necessity to aim high in all they do.

The design of the school badge

The Chinese character “高” denotes that this is an upper secondary/senior high school. The budding chrysanthemum leaves are adapted from the badge of our precursor, Kobe No.3 Middle School and represent one of the treasures of the Shosoin Repository, the oldest remaining wooden structure from eighth century Japan.

School Uniform

Students are expected to wear school uniform on ceremonial occasions

Class Timetable

8:25  First bell
8:309:20 1st Period
9:3010:20 2nd Period
10:3011:20 3rd Period
11:3012:20 4th Period
13:0513:55 5th Period
14:0514:55 6th Period
15:0515:55 7th Period (Mondays & Fridays)
14:5515:15 Short Homeroom (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays)
15:5516:15 Short Homeroom (Mondays & Fridays)

Extracurricular Activities/Club Activities

Almost all the students belong to one of the clubs. Many of the sports clubs are recognized as very competitive, while the cultural clubs are also very active and are prominent in many prestigious contests and competitions.

Most clubs meet every day, but some cultural clubs only meet 1-3 times a week.
[Sports Clubs][Cultural Clubs]
 ・Baseball ・Drama
 ・Volleyball ・Chorus
 ・Soccer ・Art
 ・Tennis ・English Speaking Society
 ・Soft tennis ・Physics
 ・Basketball ・Mathematics
 ・Table tennis ・Biology
 ・Swimming ・Home Economics/Cooking
 ・Track and Field ・Photography
 ・Kendo ・Tea Ceremony/Flower Arrangement
 ・Karate ・Brass Band
 ・Gymnastics ・Comic/Animation
 ・Mountaineering ・Literature
 ・Badminton ・Japanese Calligraphy

Contact Information

Hyogo Prefectural Nagata Upper Secondary School
 2-5 Ikeda-tanimachi, Nagata-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 653-0821
  Phone 81-78-621-4101
  Fax 81-78-621-4102