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school profileSchool Profile

The school is located in a quiet, pastoral setting, in Sanda, 36 minutes by train from the center of Osaka. It was founded in 1986, starting with 180 students and more than 8,000 students graduated from this school until 2010. Meanwhile Sanda city has the character of commuter town between Osaka and Kobe. With the rapid increase of Sanda's population, more and more applicants enroll each year.

This school, which has approximately 840 students with 280 students in each of three-year levels: year 10, year11 and year 12,enjoys an enviable reputation for academic excellence, combined with extensive extra curricular activities including sport, music and art.

school profileSchool Life and mottos

The school is a high achieving school with a strong commitment to quality teaching and learning within a co-educational framework. We aim to enable students to achieve high standards of learning and develop self-confidence and commitment to personal excellence in all endeavors.

Hokusetsu Sanda students, most of them enjoying varied club activities, have a proud history of successful achievement that is demonstrated through excellent academic results, impressive musical, artistic performance and fine sportsmanship.

We have achieved unparalleled success in preparing studentsu for their university study.

Good manners, care for others, responsible behavior, honesty and morality are traditional values on which this school places great importance. The school is held in high esteem throughout the community and it is this insistence on traditional values that underpins the school's good reputation.

The teachers and students work together to practice learning and self-descipline under the school mottos of learning, self-descipline and respect.

We will continue to educate its students to develop the knowledge, manners and attitudes that will empower them as global, responsible citizens of the 21st Century.

school profileSchool Emblem

This emblem represents Sanda City's Emblem, the Chinese character '高' meaning "high", and the wings of a pheasant The wide spread wings symbolize youth striving for their maximum potential and conveying their wish to advance, grow and develop.

Our school is in Sanda City, a place rich in natural beauty and well-known as Hyogo's, "Cultural Garden Town."