School History 

1897 Meiji Era 30 Hyogo Prefectural Tatsuno Junior High School of General Education was established
1901 Meiji Era 34 The school name changed to Tatsuno Junior High School
1906 Meiji Era 39 Tatsuno Municipal Girls' Technical & Art Senior High School was established
1912 Meiji Era 45 The school name then changed to Ibo-gun Girls' Senior High School.
1922 Taisho Era 11 Changed to Hyogo Prefectural Girls' Senior High School
1948 Showa Era 23

The school name then changed to Hyogo Prefectural South Tatsuno Senior High School.

The South and North School merged to become Hyogo Prefectural Tatsuno Senior High School.? The former junior high school building became the main school building and former girls' school building became the north wing building.

1986 Showa Era 61 Specialized "Science and Math Course" was founded
1997 Heisei Era 9 Celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the school's foundation
2003 Heisei Era 15 Modification of the "Science and Math Course" into the "Natural Science Course"
2008 Heisei Era 20 Celebration of the 110-year anniversary of the school foundation
2013 Heisei Era 25

Designated as a ‘Super Science High School’(SSH) by the Japan Science & Technology Agency

2015 Heisei Era 27

Modification of the ‘Natural Science Course’ into the ‘Integrated Science Course

Connecting with the sister school, National Tainan Girls' Senior High School in Taiwan

2017 Heisei Era 29

Celebration of the 120-year anniversary of the school foundation

Partnering with Tatsuno City with regard to educational collaboration











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