The name of this school, 祥雲 (しょううん / Shou-un) is made of two characters: 祥 (しょう / shou) which means “A good omen” and 雲 (うん / un) which means “cloud.” The literal translation of this school name is “A cloud of good omen” or めでたい雲 (めでたいくも / medetai-kumo) “A happy cloud.” There is a third character added, 館 (かん / kan), which means “building” and represents the school itself.
This school was established in Sanda city with the aim of creating a school with a new credit based system of study.
The school buildings are built in the traditional Italian Renaissance style and thus are suitable to be called “Pavilions of learning”
We hope young people who gather here with high ideals will live in tomorrow’s world, contribute and be active in every aspect of society, just like “The cloud of good omen” that permeates the air of these school buildings. The school was named Sanda Shounkan for these reasons.