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Samurai story
Onzoshi shimawatari(Voyage of Yoshitsune)
Onzoshi Shimawatari (Voyage of Yoshitsune)

An “Otogi zoshi” (short prose narrative) where the central theme is the adventures of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, thought to have been produced in the Muromachi Period. This is a story about Yoshitsune, who had taken refuge with Oshu Fujiwara-shi, traveling from the harbor of Tosa (presumed to be Tosaminato in Tsugaru/present-day Aomori Prefecture) to the demon king in Kikenjo in Chishima Province, and acquiring the “Law of Dainichi Buddha.” This document is an illustrated manuscript that is referred to as “Nara-ehon,” and was produced in the Genroku years of the Edo Period.

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