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Information on 2017's exhibitions.

Special Exhibition

■ Hyogo and Hideyoshi
   - With Recently Exhibited Resources

From Saturday, October 7 through Sunday, November 26, 2016

 Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified Japan and ended the middle age. In Hyogo, Hideyoshi controlled Harima, Tajima and Awaji regions for nine years between 1580 and 1581 as a retainer for Oda Nobunaga. He initiated the change from the middle age to the modern society through the changes he introduced to the system of government. Documents on Hideyoshi are discovered lately in places including Tatsuno City and Toyooka City.

 This exhibition showcases primarily resource from Hyogo Prefecture including these newly discovered resources, and introduces Hideyoshi’s role in the history of our region.

Awaji Nigun Sashidashi Yosecho, Okugaki
written by Hashiba (Toyotomi) Hideyoshi himself, 1585
/ Tatsuno Museum of History and Culture, Tatsuno City