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Information on 2017's exhibitions.

Special Exhibition

■ Beautiful Buddha Statues of Hyogo
   - Buddha Statues That Enlightens the Hyogo Region

From Saturday, April 22 through Sunday, June 4, 2017

 Rekihaku has had exhibitions of Buddha statues; one in 1984 as “Buddha Statues of Hyogo” and one in 1991 as "Buddha Statues of Harima.” During the 26 years that followed, a number of notable Buddha statues have been discovered in various places in Hyogo Prefecture through surveys of cultural assets and research into regional histories.

 We have been introducing new findings from time to time at exhibitions, lectures and other occasions. This new exhibition aims to shine light from a novel perspective to Buddha statues of Hyogo through Buddha statues that did not receive many opportunities to be exposed.

Standing Statue of Bishamonten (Vaisravana),
middle Heian period, important cultural property
/ Zuigan-ji temple, Hyogo City