Ono High School English Department

Ono Senior High School

Ono High School is enthusiastic about preserving its long-lived tradition, yet never hesitant about implementing necessary reforms at the same time. These endeavors have brought forth the educational system and the yearly schedule you can see here.

The Emblem

The emblem of Ono Senior High School is the combination of Tombo(the dragonfly) and the kanji character for the word High. The figure of Tombo is shaped out of the two Kanji characters included in Ono Middle School as the school was called in former days. It is also intended to embody the ancient name of Japan, Akitsushima or the Archipelago of Tombo.

The entire symmetrical figure represents the educational goals that Ono High School tries to promote. It signifies peaceful unity, genuine impartiality, and the harmonious combination of wisdom, virtue, and physical strength. It is hoped that these ideals will nurture the students to overcome hardships and soar high into the bright future with unyielding spirits.

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