PDIntroduction (About Miki Higashi Senior High School)

iPjIntegrated Course

@Miki Higashi Senior High School offers w(Sougogakka), which means gComprehensive High Schoolh in English. This course offers various kinds of lessons that can be taken according to studentsf future careers. The main purpose of this course is to encourage students to become what they would like to be in the future. In order to help them achieve their goals, we offer gYƎЉƐl(Sangyo Shakai to Ningen)hor gHumanity and Industrial Societyh for the 1st graders, gwK(Sougou Gakushu)h or gIntegrated Studyh for the 2nd graders, and gۑ茤(Kadai Kenkyu)h or gProject Studyh for the 3rd graders. These three subjects are very useful subjects for career education. Students can gain invaluable knowledge and skills to realize what they sincerely want to do.

iQjSchool Motto

@(Jichi)E(Kyodo)Eh(Keiai) is our school motto. The motto ofmeans that students themselves think of the ways to dissolve problems or tasks around them. means that students cooperate with each other to accomplish something. h is translated into English as grespect and love,h meaning that students look up to each other as well as our local community, parents, teachers, seniors and the school that unites those things all together.

iRjEducational Policy
@Catch Phrase: We will challenge with our friends together
@@To encourage students to realize their dreams
@ATo offer opportunities to study what students want
@BTo promote career education
@CTo cooperate with our local community

iSjHistory of Miki Higashi Senior High School
April, 1975 Hyogo Prefectural Miki Higashi Senior High School established at Uenomaru, Miki city
April, 1976 Moved to Besshocho, Kobayashi, Miki City, which is its present address
March, 2004 Integrated Course drafted
Oct, 2004 Ceremony held to mark the 30th anniversary of the establishment
April 2006 School Curriculum modified to the Integrated Course
Nov,21 2015 Ceremony held to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment and the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the Integrated Course

iTjSymbol of Miki Higashi Senior High School

@The symbol of the PHOENIX symbolizes our students who are growing up, enduring the trials of life like a phoenix that rises from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle.

QDAccess and Contact

@Our school is located in Miki city, which is in the suburb of Kobe city. We are surrounded by the beauties of nature. It takes approximately an hour from Kobe by train and it is within ten minutesf walking distance of Shijimi Station.

@@Sannomiya Station (Hankyu Line bound for Shinkaichi) Sinkaichi Station

@@(Kobe Dentetsu Line for Ao) Shijimi Station ten minutesf walk to the school

@@Please contact:
@@Hyogo Prefectural Miki Higashi Senior High School
@@Phone: 0794-85-8000
@@Fax: 0794-85-8001
@@Address: Hyogo Prefectural Miki Higashi Senior High School
@@@@@@@@625-2, Besshocho, Kobayashi, Miki City, 673-0434

RD School Information

iPjSchool Size (Jan, 2016)
male students female students total
1st year (5 classes) 70 126 196
2nd year (6 classes) 81 154 235
3rd year (6 classes) 87 135 222
total 238 415 653

iQjTimetable (An Example of a Timetable for the First Graders)
time P Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri.
8:35-8:40 wK(Morning Study)
8:40-8:50 Short Homeroom
8:50-9:40 1 Contemporary Japanese P.E Math A English Communication T Math T
9:50-10:40 2 Math T English Communication T Art Math A Classics
10:50-11:40 3 Art Basic Biology Home Economics P.E English Expression T
11:50-12:40 4 Information Study for Participating Community Contemporary Society Information Study for Participating Community Home Economics English Communication T
12:40-13:25 Lunch Time
13:25-14:15 5 Humanity and Industrial Society Classics English ExpressionT Basic Biology Contemporary Society
14:25-15:15 6 Math T Long HR Classics Health
15:15-15:30 Short Homeroom and Cleaning Time
15:30 ~ Club Activity

iRjSubjects Offered
Subject Area 1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Japanese Integrated Japanese Japanese Expression A Contemporary Japanese A
Contemporary Japanese A Classics B
Classics A Exploration of Japanese Representation
Exploration of Contemporary Japanese Literature
Exploration of Classical Japanese Literature
Geography History World History A Japanese History A
World History B Geography A
Japanese History A
Japanese History B World Modern and Contemporary History Studies
Geography A Japan Modern and Contemporary History Studies
Civics Contemporary Society Politics and Economics
Mathematics Math T Math U Math V
Math A Math B Integrated Math
Introduction to Math Introduction to Math
Scientific Math T
Science Basic Biology Science and Our Daily Life Advanced Physics
Life Science Advanced Chemistry
Basic Physics Advanced Biology
Basic Chemistry Forests and the Environment
Advanced Biology
Advanced Chemistry
Health P.E P.E P.E P.E
Health Health SportsU
Introduction to Sports
Art MusicT MusicU MusicV
Art and DesignT Art and DesignU Solfege
CalligraphyT CalligraphyU Vocal Music
Art and Design V
Hanga (Printing)
Japanese Painting
Practical Calligraphy
Classical Calligraphy
Foreign Languages English Communication T English CommunicationU English CommunicationV
English ExpressionT Basic Expression English ExpressionU
English Understanding English Understanding
Cross-Cultural Understanding Integrated English
Chinese Current English
Korean English Expression
Home Economics Basic Home Economics Child Development and Child Care Childrenfs Culture
Nutrition Dressmaking Culture
Food Culture
Information Information Study for Participating Community Information Technology and Society Information Technology and Society
Expression and Management of Information Expression and Management of Information
Algorithm and Program
Expressing and Editing the Media for Expression
Business Basic Business E-commerce
Bookkeeping Business Information Management
Financial Accounting T
Cost Accounting
Business Economics
Welfare Basic Social Welfare Life Support Methodology
Caregiving Training
Original Subjects Basic Communication Methodology Practical Communication Methodology
Traditional Japanese Music
Japanese Culture and Tea Ceremony
Humanity and Industrial Society Integrated Study Project Study

iSjAnnual School Calendar
Term Month Events
1st Term April Entrance Ceremony, Opening Ceremony, Farewell Ceremony for Transferred Staff, Orientation for the 1st Graders, Physical Examination
May Midterm Exams, Parent-Teacher Meeting, Career Guidance, Practice Teaching for Student Teachers
June School Festival, Students Assembly
July Term-End Exams, Emergency Drills, Appreciation of Art, Closing Ceremony, Open High School, Summer Course, Internship for the 2nd graders
August Study Camp,
2nd Term September Opening Ceremony, Academic Achievement Tests, Sports Day,
October Midterm Exams, Career Guidance, School Trip to Taiwan,
November Open High School
December Term-End Exams, Project Study Session, Emergency Drills, Closing Ceremony
3rd Term January Opening Ceremony, Academic Achievement Tests, Exams for Graduation, National Center Tests for University Admission, Open School and Programs of Performances by Integrated Course Students.
February Entrance Exams for Selected Candidates, Graduation Ceremony
March Final Exams, Entrance Exams, Closing Ceremony

iTjClub Activities
Sports Clubs Academic Clubs / Cultural Clubs
Soft Tennis Basketball Brass Band Fine Arts
Volleyball Badminton Cooking Calligraphy
Swimming Baseball Broadcasting Flower Arrangement
Soccer Table Tennis Literary Tea Ceremony
Track and Field Kendo Computer School Newspaper
Judo Softball Acoustic Guitar Drama
Weight Lifting Naginata
Tennis Science Volunteer

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