Location and Foundation

Hyogo Prefectural Mikage Senior High School is a public school located in Higashinada, a largely residential ward in close proximity to central Kobe. Our school was established in 1941.

School Motto

Our school motto is “Be pure, bright, righteous, and tough.” Our mission is to cultivate students’ intelligence, benevolence, and physical and mental strength.


We have an enrollment of about 1,000 students and employ about 70 faculty members.


Students in integrated humanities course are selected by admission on recommendation and follow a special curriculum. Other students take the general entrance exam and once they are admitted, they will choose either humanities course or science course during their second year. There are 31, 50-minute lessons per week. Students are required to take certain core subjects and a required number of electives depending on the course.

Activities and Events

More than 90 percent of our students actively take part in extracurricular activities, such as sport and cultural clubs. Students develop a range of useful skills by organizing and managing various school events, such as the school culture festival and sports day. During summer vacation, some students participate in a language exchange program in Seattle, U.S.A. Others volunteer in the Tohoku region, which experienced a massive earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Post graduation

Almost all of our students choose to continue their education at colleges and universities. Every year, of 360 graduates, Mikage High School sends about 100 students to national, public universities, about 180 to private universities, and the remainder to preparatory schools and academics.