When you come to Kaibara Senior High School ("SHS"), the first building you see is the Alumni Building. It was built in 1997, when we celebrated our centennial anniversary. Right next to that, there is a huge tree. This tree was planted by a teacher after the first graduate left in 1902.

Welcome to Kaibara SHS. The purpose of our school is to educate students to be able to work in the world. Please continue reading to learn more about just some of the wonderful aspects of Kaibara SHS.

Alumni Building Welcome to Kaibara SHS Huge Camphor Tree

1. Tradition and History

The first special characteristic of this school is its long history. For example, the building which now stands as one of the counseling rooms was originally the teachersf office when the school was first built in the late 19th century, during the Meiji period.

Kaibara Junior High School for boys and Kaibara Junior High School for girls were combined into a new high school in 1948. In 2007 we celebrated our 110th anniversary. Many of our graduates are leaders in their chosen fields. Mr. Hitoshi Ashida, a former graduate, became Prime Minister of Japan.

The reason such a big school was established in Kaibara is that it is in this area where the Kako and Yura Rivers meet and a former business district developed. People wanted to have a good school to send their children to.

School for Boys BLD 1st Ground Two Rivers Meet

2. Size and Facilities

Kaibara SHS was once among the biggest high schools in Hyogo Prefecture. In 2008, however, the number of students is 811, and the number of staff is about seventy. Although its size has become medium, we are lucky to have been handed down two big gymnasiums, two sports grounds and one alumni building in our long history. We are taking advantage of these facilities by holding indoor P.E. classes and club activities. We sometimes hold concerts and lectures there too.

3. International Activities

At Kaibara SHS we are very proud of the fact that our students actively participate in the international community. In 2001 we are hosting an exchange student from Kent Washington and sending one of our own students to study American ways of thinking and English in Kent.
We have many other international programs besides the one with Kent, Washington, U.S.A. In 1989, we signed a sister school agreement with Ocean Reef SHS in Western Australia. In 2006, we started another exchange program with Swan View Senior High School, with the help of an Ocean Reef alumna who experienced a homestay in Kaibara. In 2008, the second study group from Kaibara had a lot of wonderful experiences in Perth.

Swan View SHS in Australia Kent Baseball Team Visit Homestay in Malaysia

We also take part in an exchange student program between Thailand and Malaysia organized by the Hyogo Prefectural Board of Education. We once sent much needed seeds to a village in the Philippines which had suffered from a volcano eruption. Our Interact Club members also visited Thailand and met with people there recently.

4. Academic Courses

Students can choose to enter either a science course or a regular liberal arts course. Those who are interested in science and mathematics can spend more time in the science lab and doing math exercises. They can focus their study in these fields. In the 10th grade, students can visit a science museum, and in the 11th grade, they can visit a university that has the largest microscope in the world.
Those who want to choose either a science course or a humanities course can take a regular course in the 10th grade and choose either one in the 11th grade. And in the 12th grade, those who are in the humanities course can start their preparation for further education.

In the Humanities Course A, students can choose a variety of classes, such as computer, art, home economics, and P.E. as well as academic classes. This is what a student enrolled in this course had to say about it, " I have decided to take this course in the 11th grade because my dream is to go to a vocational school to be a beautician. Because I have had a lot of free time, I have been able to enjoy being a member of the student council. I have also read a lot of books. Meeting many teachers and students has also been enjoyable." In the Humanities Course B, students can learn not only the humanities but also take science classes. Here is what one student enrolled in this course in her 11th grade had to say about it: "In this course students are motivated to study hard towards their future goals. The atmosphere in each class is very stimulating. At our sports day and the cultural festival the class demonstrated its ability to co-operate and presented excellent displays. I have had a wonderful time at Kaibara SHS."

Science Course Humanities Course A Humanities Course B

5. Club and Extracurricular Activities

At Kaibara SHS we put an emphasis on club activities as well as academic achievement. All students in the 14 different sporting clubs are achieving high results under the tutelage of their devoted teachers.

The students are also actively involved in the 14 cultural clubs.

There are many different activities available throughout the three years of high school. Even before the excitement of passing the entrance examination to Kaibara High School has faded, there is an entrance ceremony. At the entrance ceremony students get the opportunity to meet each other. Freshman students are usually impressed by the number of students and the authority of the seniors.

Baseball club Alpine club Martial Art Club

The most memorable activity is sports day. We invite you to enjoy the activities, physical exertion and team spirit.

Sports day

In September we have a cultural festival. The students perform many different activities on the stage and present many interesting exhibitions. Please recognize the considerable ability displayed by the students in being able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time.

Cultural Festival(Dance) Art Club Brass Band

Throughout the three years of high school there are many other activities to look forward to such as the school excursion trip, field trips, activities with people from overseas, a marathon, lectures, and so on. Each activity helps to bolster the students' spirits and keep them high. There is no question that those who have endured the difficult studying demanded by the lessons and the hard training required by club activities, have had a fulfilling high school experience. The knowledge and discipline that the students have gained will surely be a great asset to them in passing their entrance examinations for higher education, and in their futures.

Skiing Trip Marathon Graduation

The challenges presented by the 21st century are more complex than those ever faced before. At Kaibara SHS we are striving to prepare our students to meet these challenges. We each have a different dream but every one of us is trying very hard to attain our individual goals. Why don't you join us in realizing your dream at Kaibara SHS, the school that aims to educate students to successfully compete in the wider international world.

[This commentary was written to accompany the promotional video for Kaibara Senior High school filmed in December 2001, and was revised in December 2008.].