1. School Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

 The Student Creed is: “Commitment to Academic Achievement, Justice and Physical Strength”. Since 1876, when this school was established, the school’s mission has been to raise up students who will build tomorrow’s Japan.

Educational Goals

1. To cultivate students who will serve the local community.
2. To cultivate independent students who can pursue their goals on their own.
3. To cultivate students who will contribute to the international community.

2. From the Principal

 Welcome to Sasayama Homei SHS and thank you for visiting our website.

 Sasayama Homei SHS is the 142nd anniversary of its foundation this year. I am honored to be the new principal of this school.

 Our school has been committed to establish a new tradition on the long history we already have. As we know, the world today has been dramatically changing due to globalization happening not only in the world but also here, in our community. For instance, we are facing a decreasing number of children and aging population. Constant innovation in technology will change our way of life when our students pursue their career. That’s why we put more focus on 21st century learning in which each of our students will find what they can do in the future.
 Yet, that is not a brand new idea which we just came up with recently. Since our school has been established, we have had the student creed “Commitment to Academic Achievement, Justice and Physical Strength”, and “一以貫之”, the proverb from the Analects of Confucius, which means to persistently pursue our goals until we achieve them. With this spirits, which we have received from our predecessors, I am sure that our students will play important roles as responsible citizens of our global community. Of course, we teachers are committed to share this goal with our students, and ready to show you how our education changes your life.
We appreciate your understanding and constant support for us.

Tadasu OKUDA

3. Curriculum

Regular course

  • Classes are arranged according to proficiency - Introduction of small class sizes.
  • A variety of elective subjects chosen by each student, more time is alloted for specialized subjects.

  • Applied Science Course

  • Aim to be accepted by national universities.
  • University visits, tours of advanced science facilities, ect. are conducted and guidance is provided.

  • 4. School Events

    Annual Events at Homei

    April: Entrance Ceremony
    May: Interschool Match against Kaibara SHS
    June: Homei Festival
    July: Summer School
    August: Dekansho Festival
    October: Sports Events

    November: Culture and Art Day
    December: Child Care Experience
    January: Karuta Contest / School Trip
    February: Marathon Day / Sports Events
    February: Graduation Ceremony

    5. Extracurricular Activities

    Intercultural Experiences

  • Exchange Program with Melba College in Melbourne, Australia
  •   Link:http://melba.vic.edu.au/
  • Exchange Program with Walla Walla, Washington, USA
  •   Link: https://www.facebook.com/sasayama.wallawalla27/?fref=ts

    Club Activities

    Athletic Clubs Cultural Clubs
    Track & Field Brass Band
    Baseball Biology
    Soft Baseball Chorus
    Soccer Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement and Handicrafts
    Basketball Competitive “Karuta”
    Volleyball Broadcasting
    Softball Photography
    Kendo Anime and Manga
    Table Tennis Geology
    Karate Art
    Soft Tennis Calligraphy
    Interact Volunteer Club

    6. Access / Contact Information

    Address: 369 Okuma Sasayama, Hyogo 669-2318
    Tel : (+81)-79-552-0047

    [Train and Bus Users]

  • An approx. 30 minute ride from Sanda station to Sasayama-guchi station on the JR Fukuchiyama Line
  • An approx. 20 minute ride on the Shinki bus from Sasatama-guchi station to Johoku-guchi
  • An approx. 15minute walk from Johoku-guchi

  • [Car Users]

  • An approx. 20 minutes from the Exit, Tannan-Sasayama- guchi IC on the Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway
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