The Specific Aims of the Year

1.      To improve teaching methods and approaches in order to ensure studentsf acquisition of basic academic knowledge.

2.      To promote education to foster each studentfs individual abilities and talents

3.      To cultivate studentfs mind in order to help them understand foreign cultures and develop attitudes to live with peoples from different cultures, based on the global views and the spirit of human respect

The Features of the School

1.      In the 17th Year of Heisei, the school started a unique admission system that focuses on abilities in music and sports.

The school aims at broadening human development through the unique learning activities in the fields above mentioned.

2.      The school not only places emphasis on studentsf academic achievement, course guidance and counseling, but also makes efforts to foster studentsf individual abilities and talents through extracurricular activities.

3.      The school tries to foster studentsf attitude toward volunteer work and welfare by contributing to the community through various volunteer work and events, related to the high school education projects.

4.      The school promotes international understanding of the students through exchange programs with the sister schools in China and the United States.