International Exchange
Sister School Relationship
star Vashon Island High School in the United States of America
  Short history of cultural exchange
 We established a sister-school  relationship with Vashon in 1989.
Since then, we have annually carried out an  exchange program of
students. Every year about 15 students from one high  school visit
the other, with the two schools alternating years, and stay in the
home of a host student for about two weeks.
  Vashon Island (location)
  Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (April 2006)
Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (March 2007)
Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (April 2008)
Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (March 2009)
Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (April 2010)
Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (March 2011)
Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (April 2012)
Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (March 2013)
Cultural Exchange with Vachon Island (April 2014)
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Shuko Third Middle School in the Republic of China
  Short history of cultural exchange
We have had a sister-school relationship with this school since 1999.
Shuko Third Middle School 1
  Shuko Third Middle School 2
  Cultural Exchange with Shuko Third Middle School(September2001)