Hyogo Prefectural
Ashiya International Secondary School

Educational Goals

1 We aim to foster children to have the spirit needed to co-exist with others in a multi-cultural society by letting children from different language environments and cultural backgrounds learn from each other.

2 We will help children to obtain an educational foundation, and cultivate their ability to learn, think, decide, and take action by themselves based by offering fulfilling guidance for each student.

3 We aim to bring up children to have the communication skills and attitude necessary to understand and respect different cultures and who have a rich sense of international community as well as the ability to contribute to an international society.

Characteristics of Education

The school promotes its educational activities in a 6-year secondary school where students from different language environments and cultural backgrounds can flexibly learn by drawing on their abilities and talents through both the former and latter courses which correspond to those at regular junior and senior high schools.